Suggestions for puppy foods for dogs whose Adult weight is going to be less than 10Kg

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Burns Dog Food - Puppy Mini - Chicken & Rice

Puppies & Toy Breed Adults

Burns Puppy Mini contain controlled levels of protein, fat and minerals to ensure that requirements for energy, muscle and bone development are met but not exceeded.

From 10.99€ (EUR) incl tax

Natural Dog Food Co - Puppy Chicken & Brown Rice

The Natural Dog Food Company Ltd produces wholesome unadulterated dog foods without the need for by-products or chemical compounds, and is certified holistic under the BAHNM scheme for dogs.
38.99€ (EUR) incl tax

Applaws Chicken & Potato - Puppy (Small & Medium Breed)

For puppies where the adult weight is expected to be up to 25Kg
From 13.49€ (EUR) incl tax
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