Over the last few decades, public awareness of the role played by diet in the maintenance of good health has increased dramatically. The idea that diet and health are intimately linked is now universally unopposed and yet, despite this increased insight into our health and that of our animals, the vast majority of dogs in the UK are still fed entirely inappropriate foods on a daily basis. The truth is that, regardless of colourful advertising campaigns and catchy slogans, very few companies look past their own profits when designing their foods. It has even been argued that the modern pet food industry is responsible for more health problems in dogs than any other single factor.

It was out of this frustration that The Natural Dog Food Company was established with the goal of providing natural, wholesome, real-foods at an affordable price. Working with holistic nutritionists and veterinarians and in close consultation with BAHNM, we were able to produce the world’s first entirely natural complete dog food. Now, with years of experience and a dedicated team behind us, we have firmly established our place as the industry’s number one innovator and continue to produce the world’s only 100% natural dog food.

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Natural Dog Food Co. - Adulto - Borrego

Não simplesmente rações mas uma boa comida com carne verdade.
£10,75 (GBP) imposto incl.

Natural Dog Food Co. - Adulto - Salmão

Rações com carne verdade e sem subprodutos.
De £10,75 (GBP) imposto incl.

Natural Dog Food Co - Cachorro - Frango e Arroz sem Cascas

Não simplesmente rações mas uma boa comida com carne verdade.
£32,87 (GBP) imposto incl.

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