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Applaws 75% Real Chicken NO GRAIN
No by-products
Feeding Guide - ONLY 11g/Kg
Natural Dog Food 43% - 55% Real English Chicken Brown Rice
No Maize or Wheat
No by-products
Low Fat
Feeding Guide - ONLY 10g /Kg
Burns 20% Real Chicken Brown Rice
No Maize, Wheat or by-products 
Low Fat
Single Meat protein source
Developed by a veterinary surgeon
Replacement for expensive vet only foods
Feeding Guide - ONLY 10g/Kg

PLEASE: If you have a Portuguese NIF (Finance Number) can you add it in your account details (VAT Number)

You can buy in Euros or UK Pounds! Most of our products originate in the UK and therefore the UK pricing tends to remain stable

You should also read this article published in the Daily Mail (UK) in 2010 as it will give you an idea as to why Paws 4 Pets was established - and that was in 2004 - only now are other manufacturers admitting that dogs need MEAT!



PAWS Eilte - moist dog food - 20 May 2016
Paws 4 Pets are pleased to announce that their own brand - "PAWS Elite" - moist dog food in pouches
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