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Snak Attak Bones

These are great for helping to keep the teeth clean and will last the "normal" dog for days!
Manufacturer: KFM Unipet

Great for the teeth. Lasts for ages (unless your dog learns how to throw the bone onto a stone floor to loosen the filling!).
A real boredom breaker.

Picture of Snak Attak Filled Bone - Chicken
Snak Attak Filled Bone - Chicken

Go Dental with Snak Attak!!!

Our filled bones are natural cleaned cattle bones. As your dog eats these delicous treats, the normal chewing action will work the contours of the bone over the surface of the tooth, cleaning the entire tooth right up to the gums. This action will remove contamination and plaque build up, reducing tooth decay and the chance of disease or infection.

Variety *
SKU: 05330
£2,35 (GBP) incl tax
Snak Attack Filled Bone - Lamb & Rice
SKU: 05579
£2,35 (GBP) incl tax
Snak Attak Filled Bone - Cheese
SKU: 04467
£2,35 (GBP) incl tax
Picture of Snak Attak Calcium Bone
Snak Attak Calcium Bone

Natural bleached cattle bone, perfect as a home alone treat and dental hygiene program

SKU: 06524
£2,55 (GBP) incl tax
Picture of Snak Attak Smoked Bone
Snak Attak Smoked Bone

Natural cattle bone, smoked for an enhanced flavour.

SKU: 06523
£2,55 (GBP) incl tax
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