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Imagem de Dorwest Herbs Pennyroyal Champô

Dorwest Herbs Pennyroyal Champô

High quality shampoo for dogs and cats with a minty aroma that fleas dont like.
Marca: Dorwest Herbs

A high quality shampoo containing extract of Pennyroyal (Mentha Pulegium).

Pennyroyal contains a volatile oil in its leaves which, due to its strong minty aroma, has been used since Roman times to ward off insects and mites. During the middle ages it was laid on the floor and placed in the bedding to repel parasites by providing a hostile environment. To gain the same benefits nowadays, we incorporate it into our shampoo where helps deter fleas and mites from our dog’s and cat’s coats. It will leave the coat clean, with a fresh minty tang and no sticky residue. Suitable for all coat types and for puppies and kittens over 8 weeks of age. This high quality shampoo is extremely economical to use as it may be diluted by up to 50% with water.

Pennyroyal Shampoo 200mL
SKU: 11827
£7,65 (GBP) imposto incl.
Pennyroyal Shampoo 500mL
SKU: 5844
£17,61 (GBP) imposto incl.
Pennyroyal Shampoo - 1L
SKU: 10444
£30,74 (GBP) imposto incl.