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Picture of Tree Barks Powder

Tree Barks Powder

Slippery Elm Tree Barks Powder is a herbal supplement that aids digestion, diarrhoea and intestinal disorders in dogs and cats.
Manufacturer: Dorwest Herbs

A nutritious combination which, because of its soothing properties and high digestibility, has been traditionally used for weaning young animals and for convalescents during the recovery period following illness.

The highly digestible ingredients and low fat content make it an ideal food to aid poor digestion.
It is soothing to the digestive system and helps to slow the passage of food through the system, so is of great benefit for acute intestinal absorptive disorders and can be given both during and in the recovery period following acute diarrhoea.

It may be given when required for short term use or indefinitely if necessary for conditions such as exocrine pancreatic insufficiency.

It may be given mixed with skimmed milk, live natural yoghurt or water or can be simply sprinkled onto the food if preferred.

For cats with delicate digestive systems, it has been found that by adding a little Tree Barks Powder to each meal the toleration of almost any food is increased.

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