Starting in May 2016 Paws 4 Pets are applying their philosophy regarding putting pet nutrition top of the agenda by introducing their own brand of dog foods.

The first product to be introduced will be branded "PAWS Elite" - this will be a "Wet Food" initially in pouches and based on a 60% meat source including fruits and vegetables, produced in the EU with mainly locally sourced and fresh ingredients.

We also have plans to introduce a "Dry Food" under the "PAWS Ultimate" branding but, because we currently stock 3 other brands of excellent nutritional quality and finding a manufacturer who understands what a top quality food really is is not as easy as it sounds this may take a while.

By having control over the source of the PAWS brand food we can now ensure that ingredient quality is not solely dictated by commercial considerations and can remain consistent.

Since Paws 4 Pets was started in 2004 we have strived to ensure that only the best foods have been stocked - foods that provide all the necessary ingredients for a healthy life for our beloved pets. One of the big considerations has been the avoidance of ingredients that have been implicated in food intolerances and health concerns. This, of course, means that only the few foods that actually reach the standards that we strive for are available from us.

Over the years a few foods have come and gone as commercial and profit motives have impacted upon the quality and price. The food producers have moved production facilities and modified ingredients - quite often without informing us directly - and when we have managed to find out what impact these changes have had we have reviewed the place of their product on our shelves.

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Paws Treats - Adult - Chicken, Duck & Turkey

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